Mutation & Covid !9

Posted on 08 May Saturday, 2021

I never thought that the entire nation will be totally down with Covid 19 second wave so soon- even when we are in the process of giving vaccines for the citizens .
Every year we learn few new words-last year we learned  words like Corona, Covid 19-then came  Covishield, Covaxin , Sputnik V etc.
Now everybody is revisiting the word “mutation”- compared to first wave – second wave is more severe and spreading fast. It is mainly affecting the lungs and deteriorating condition fast- why?.
Then scientists started talking about the mutation happening in the original virus causing Covid 19- UK variant , Brazil variant , Indian variant , Kurnool variant etc.
What we need to also look into is the genetic make up of the person getting affected- some have mild disease and some are badly affected.
Again we should thank all the health care workers at various levels coming together to fight this battle. 
As old saying – prevention is always better- please follow Covid appropriate behavior and encourage vaccination.