Good Practises During Covid Pandemic

Posted on 12 August Wednesday, 2020


•    Encourage patients and care givers to use Tele consultation for regular follow up. First consultation can be initiated using tele consultation.
•    Segregation of oncology services from COVID area including the Operation theatre[operation theatres , ITU,ICU to follow COVID 19 protocols]. 
•    Periodic Covid 19 awareness webinars for the healthcare workers 
•    To maintain proper COVID-19 prevention etiquettes in the hospital premises for all the health care workers , patients , care givers like 
o    wearing a proper mask with face shield
 maintain  social distancing between the health care worker ,patients and care givers.
o    frequent washing of hands with soap and water and hand cleaning with sanitizers. 
o    Self examination by the patients,health care workers and care givers regarding any symptoms of COVID-19 and by giving awareness to the patient, care givers and health care workers regarding self examination for any COVID-19 symptoms. 
o    Health Care Workers should maintain  proper work culture like reporting when there is fever and taking adequate preventive measures.  If  in home quarantine -to follow the proper rules of home quarantine. 
•    Proper cleaning of OPD’s, IP wards , operation theatres and other hospital premises with hypo chloride solution. 
•    Testing of the patient ,care givers , exposed health care worker and symptomatic health care workers with the Rapid Antigen test, RT PCR and antibody testing periodically according to the treatment schedule.[follow ICMR protocol].