Covid 19 - common mans problems

Posted on 27 July Monday, 2020

It has been several months since we are mentally affected with COVI19 fears . When we were told about Corona during the month of March 2020- we thought in three months time we are done with Corona.Now we have completed almost 4 months and the statistics show that COVID19 is going to peak in Bangalore. Children are still doing online classes , younger ones are not learning anything , working people are mostly at home [work from home],it has been a while since we all breathed fresh air in a park without masks, eating out culture has gone away, long time since visiting near and dear ones , people are dying , fear is in air and everyone want to speak about wearing masks, social distancing , hand washing , self check and culture.

These are testing times in life -probably every generation will not get a chance to face a pandemic. It is tough and hoping to get over fast.