Posted on 29 June Monday, 2020

It is a testing time for the entire world – no one expected that the covid pandemic will change the entire way we see the world .Now we have new normals – many restrictions,still when you look back on the lockdown period – for many this was the time best time in their life -they have spent quality time with their loved ones without work pressure. For a cancer patient – Corona might have delayed their treatment , follow up and for the unfortunate ones the disease would have progressed during the lockdown period. Apart from this , the daily wage earners are badly affected . Financial problems also badly affected the post lockdown treatment plans.

For some cancer survivors lockdown was a time for mingling with family members and spending long hours with their dear ones- which they never enjoyed all these years. So making a balance sheet so far – cancer survivors are having mixed emotions about the lockdown period during corona times.

They are following the new normal like – wearing masks [which they have used earlier during chemo days], social distancing , washing hands , self – examination and following good culture.

As the number of corona cases are increasing – what can be expected now ?. Another lockdown or to follow new normal rules religiously.